Mental Health and Primary School Children

First and foremost, I would like to give a small introduction to open this article to abolish any misconceptions you may have about this post. No, I do not believe we should ‘quickly label’ or diagnose children who simply appear to be behaving differently; no, I do not think that the fault is on the... Continue Reading →


What Should I Wear?

Inbetween each snippet of writing will be photos with various bottoms, tops, and shoes to consider combining, they are all from the Primark website, and are linked with the Primark range, because I myself find it great value for money, and their products are always very stylish and up to date with fashion. The male... Continue Reading →

My Primary Education with QTS Interview

24th March 2016 As soon as I had heard back from the primary school about getting some work experience with them, I could get back to the Admissions Team at Birmingham City University (BCU) about when I could attend an interview. My university was very accommodating and extremely helpful with the entire process. This post... Continue Reading →

The Professional Skills Tests

29th April 2016 First and foremost, I’d like to again take this time to mention another benefit that BCU offers, they stated in my interview that if you were to pass both of the Professional Skills Test (PST) before May 4th, you may be eligible for a £1,000 bursary. As a current University student, I... Continue Reading →

Feedback and Questions

As philosophical as the title sounds, the post is far from it; I want to take this opportunity to talk you through who I am, and why I have chosen to begin this blog. I first of all want to apologise in advance for the clinical drawn out tone to my writing, unfortunately it's a... Continue Reading →

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