Feedback and Questions


As philosophical as the title sounds, the post is far from it; I want to take this opportunity to talk you through who I am, and why I have chosen to begin this blog. I first of all want to apologise in advance for the clinical drawn out tone to my writing, unfortunately it’s a habit and my time on a Law course certainly didn’t help to water that down any.

Please feel free to send me your own experiences through the ‘contact’ page for a private view, or use the comment section to make it visibly to anybody. Alternatively, if you have any questions I would love to put up a question and answer post at the end of every month. If your questions are urgent, I will get back to you as soon as possible, and also include them in the question and answer post unless you ask for it not to be included (names will not be used). I would like to keep all of the answers collectively until the end of the month so that you can see answers to questions that you may not have thought of, or realised you wanted to ask. Similarly, I welcome any messages privately addressed to me through the contact section, giving any feedback, whether it be good or constructive.

I hope you find something to interest you amongst this blog and I would love for you to join me on my journey.


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