My Results (The Professional Skills Test)


29th April 2016

I managed to finish my Literacy test quicker than my Numeracy test, and although I felt nervous, at the same time I felt as though I had done a good enough job to pass. Thinking about that however, did not stop my butterflies; I waited until I was asked back into another room to be given my results on a piece of paper.

You are notified of whether or not you have passed around 10-15 minutes after you have finished, which I can hand on heart say is incredibly relieving. It can also mean you leave any stress behind before beginning the next test. I was fortunate enough to have passed both of my tests, and the relief is unbelievable! It’s a big weight lifted off my shoulders to know that I have passed the tests and that I am one step closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a teacher. Your results are available for institutions to view around 48 hours after you’ve finished your tests.

I am looking forward to trying to obtain more information about getting the bursary that the university offers, and this of course is an added bonus to passing the tests should I be eligible.

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in your tests. My advice is of course to practice, be prepared, and remember that confidence is key!


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