What Should I Wear?

Inbetween each snippet of writing will be photos with various bottoms, tops, and shoes to consider combining, they are all from the Primark website, and are linked with the Primark range, because I myself find it great value for money, and their products are always very stylish and up to date with fashion. The male and female clothes are separated and have been given a heading to distinguish between the two, and prices are also provided: http://www.primark.com/en/products


Being a teacher doesn’t automatically mean you have to throw all elements of fashion sense out of the window, or compromise on every outfit decision. Although formalwear (the usual skirt and basic top or the same with trousers, or in fact a dress) is the typical outfit and in some aspects I suppose the most easiest, a lot of outfit decisions are down entirely to organisation, and in some aspects your morning routine; If you’re a late riser, and enjoy your lie in’s, then effort with outfits is probably the last thing on your mind, but there’s nothing to stop being organised the night before. Maybe the best thing to do would be to make the decisions at the end of the week for the next week, or to maybe pair the items together in your wardrobe ready to just grab and slip on. If you would rather less effort to put in, a basic combination of formal/casualwear would be ideal. However, too casual (jeans, and a jumper) would not be so professional. The school itself will have also have a rough dress code.


Sometimes we can feel very organised and confident in ourselves, and on these days it would be nice to embrace it. And so maybe that means wearing a dress for a change, or choosing a patterned pair of trousers. On the more casual “I’m going to be late” days, a simple combination can be a godsend, or maybe some simple colours that aren’t too bold. What you wear can be a statement about you. Now that’s not to say that all of a sudden you should be fashion conscious or spend hours pouring over outfit decisions, it just means that sometimes people can pick up on your mood changes. For example, if you aren’t feeling your usual ‘peppy’ self, you might decide to go for a more simple skirt/trouser and jumper combination, and others will notice that maybe you were in a rush, or that you aren’t quite feeling yourself. I think it’s a fair statement to say that if you usually aren’t one for making elaborate ‘fashion’ choices, and one day you decide to switch to a bolder pattern, colour, or style, because you’re having a good day, it can be infectious for other people, and their mood too.


It’s worth being aware that all teachers dress very differently. In my placement school alone there were very different outfits all across the year groups; some very causal, some rather stylish, and some smart. I can easily say without a doubt, that none of them looked at all out of place, neither males nor females. What you choose to wear is entirely up to you-within school regulations of course, so unfortunately no you cannot wear your favourite onesie, or your favourite football shirt I’m afraid, sorry! The choices you make about your ‘outfit’ should only meet two criteria: the first is that you’re happy, and the second and most important, is that you’re comfortable. Your job as a teacher should be focused around the children, who will not think twice about the fact that you’ve not matched your outfit, or are wearing odd socks, or that you don’t look as formal today.



Luckily, we’re heading into a profession where we’re reshown how to be carefree again, and how minor some things are in comparison to happiness or enjoying life. So although I have provided a few outfit suggestions, my biggest suggestion is to be happy and comfortable, focus on the children, and remind yourself every day of why you chose the teaching profession. Stay happy, stay confident, and I hope this article has helped in some way, shape, or form.







I am very excited to be introducing my next article very soon surrounding the mental health of primary school children, and I would be thrilled if you were to join me in contributing your opinions and feedback.


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