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I am very aware that I have not posted on this blog for a few weeks, and I shall firstly explain my reasons… Secondly, I can keep you informed of my progress within my transfer application to help those of you who are curious about transferring your University course, or those who are currently going through it also.

As I had made the decision not sit my exams this year for personal reasons in relation to my wellbeing, as well as for practical, sensible reasons, I have simply been working as much as I can. I have conferred with the University a few times via emails but these have been very few and far between. I have now sent off my health check, which has been approved, as well as my DBS check. The only uncertainty lay around my actual transfer from my Law course.

After a couple of weeks I was contacted by the Admissions Officer who let me know that currently the status of my attendance at the University was ‘suspended’ and that I should contact a Programme Leader or somebody similar for more clarity. I then sent out a few emails to various people at once to try and get the information I needed. Unfortunately there couldn’t have been a worse time to do it as the University was currently having its exam period and that made all kinds of tutors and administrators hard to get in touch with. After waiting a few weeks I finally got a response and was told that I would have to be suspended on one course in order to enable my transfer internally to the Primary Education course, and that everything was running as smooth as it could do, and to simply wait to hear further. This had finally set my uncertainty aside as I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.

So at the minute I’m simply waiting for more correspondence regarding either my exit from the Law course, or my entrance to the Primary Education course, and obviously as soon as I have more information and more to discuss I will be taking to this blog to keep you informed.

In other more personal news, as well as working and trying to get organised with my course, I have focused a portion of my attention to creating a basis for what I hesitate to call a business-it is merely a platform for me to be able to sell the handmade items that I make. In my spare time I sew, and also crochet. At this moment in time I have some items that are considered to be in a ‘sale’ as they are items that simply need to go, as I no longer have room for them. And after that it is my intention to make such items through custom orders via my website (my WordPress blog) or my Etsy shop. Please feel free to take a look, and I’d love to see your interest/following on both of my blogs.


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