Transfer Update!

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First things first, the transfer process is nothing even close to seamless. The uncertainty is my main issue with the lack of communication, if I was 100% sure that what was supposed to be being done, was being done, that would be fine by me. However, a part of me constantly feels like I’m chasing things up and trying to fill in my own blanks.

I’ve still received nothing from the University about my transfer in the post. Since my last post I’ve emailed my Programme Director I think is the name they gave her, to ask where everything was up to. I got a reply eventually stating that everything was moving as it should be in the background, and that the Law course had communicated with the Education course to ensure a transfer. However, I was also told in that same email that I would receive confirmation of this in the post in July. I was emailed in June, so thought maybe it would arrive in the middle of July. It turns out I waited throughout July, right up until the very end, and now of course we’re in August. Today I have emailed again just to check that they have the correct address and to check the progress on everything.

I’m put in a difficult position really as I’m desperately waiting to begin my course and share my experiences and opinions with you all, but I cannot begin that until late September. In the same aspect, I want to be able to give you information on transferring courses and the rough process that takes place, however due to the lack of communication I’m receiving, I’m struggling to do that also!

So for all followers and potential future followers, please bare with me as best you can, and I hope to have something a little more interesting with you very soon.

Sending lots of love!


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