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I am so happy to finally be getting on track with keeping this blog active!

Unfortunately the situation didn’t fix itself, I had to ring again this morning myself to enquire, and this time I went via the School of Education within Birmingham City University.

I’d like to run you through what happened previously, I enquired 7 months ago about switching my course via an internal transfer from Law to Primary Education. This was all going fine, I was told what I needed to do in terms of a DBS check, and work experience. I eventually got myself a placement (and absolutely loved it) you can read all about that placement here. I sent off my DBS check, had my interview and was successful, passed my Professional Skills Test, had it all sorted, and at that point was told I’d done all I needed to do, and to wait to hear in July for some information.

July came…and passed, without hearing anything. So I emailed again, and was told that because I stopped my law course, that they had placed me on ‘interruption’. I’m going to drag this out so that it’s easier to understand, for an internal transfer it makes sense that I must be enrolled on a current course to be able to be transferred, and due to leaving my course and accommodation, I was on interruption and therefore not enrolled. If I had been told this to begin with I could have been working on getting it sorted. I was offered a place formally via email and was told they would try to chase up the transfer. I heard nothing, through to the end of August at which point I emailed again. I got a response and was again told it would be handled-that was two weeks ago. So today I’d finally had enough, it was a lot to have hanging over me, University beginning in 2 weeks time and still not knowing where I stood. A lovely lady answered from the School of Education (who I’d not previously gone through), she sent me the welcome pack via the email, discussed the enrolment with me for the course on the day, and said she would sort the transfer for me. Considering this was the first bit of good and useful information I’d heard for a while I was extremely grateful to say the least!

And so I’ve reached this point. I have an information timetable to tell me what’s happening in the welcome week, where to go, how to enroll for the week beginning Monday 19th September. And fingers crossed all goes smoothly-however if it doesn’t, I’m sure the issue will get sorted a lot quicker when I’m sat holding up a long queue of those waiting to seamlessly enroll (sorry in advance!).

I foolishly used the term dates to work my holiday around, and so it turns out now the welcome week to enroll is a week prior to those dates, so I will miss 3 of the last days. But, as I have already confirmed with the lady I spoke to today, that’s fine. As long as I’m there for the first two, to enroll and to find out where I should be, and receive my timetable, then it will be okay. The rest of the days are simply to go through the information I already know from my first year (libraries, resources, help, etc).

It’s safe to say I am incredibly excited about beginning my course, getting my timetable, and finally being able to consistently update you!

I genuinely cannot wait to begin my learning journey and start on a path I’ve wanted to be on for a long time now.

So please feel free to like and follow this blog to keep up with everything I’m doing and experiencing 🙂


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