A Not So Seamless Enrolment


I suppose it was naive of me to think that I could go through the process of enrolment without at least one hiccup. The University started the enrolment day by inviting us to a lecture to give us some basic information and to inform us of the name of our personal tutors. They also presented a variety of other information and it was worthwhile being in the lecture to hear answers to questions I hadn’t thought of and to really get a sense of what was going to be happening in the coming days.

Unfortunately they didn’t have my letter with this information on, which for me was typical as I have experienced nothing but minor issues here and there throughout my process so far. However in this instance I was partially comforted by the fact that there were also multiple others who also had no letter and fortunately this issue was resolved quickly. In order to receive our timetables we had to officially enrol and this was done by multiple members of staff using computers. I queued for around 20 minutes before getting to the front of the queue, providing my student number and name, and being told that they couldn’t enrol me but didn’t know why, and could assist me no further than sending me two flights up to enquire at one of the offices. They were very friendly and sympathetic to the issues I was facing and recommended I go back down to enrol and ask them to make a phone call should there be any further issues.

The second time I managed to go down and miraculously it was then resolved. Despite the issues, I was finally enrolled and eager to begin my new course!

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