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I know I have been incredibly behind on my updates for this blog and I can only apologise. But if nothing else it should give you a perfect look into how busy a Primary Education course is. It has been an incredibly busy 6 months and I have loved every minute of it. My timetable has been really generous with enough time for me to go away and consolidate my notes and my lessons have all been incredibly eye-opening and beneficial.

Unfortunately for me, I suffered a car accident in October just as my new academic year was picking up traction, and this led to me missing a multitude of lessons and sessions. The University on the other hand were incredibly helpful and supportive and I was able to catch up with little issues. 

We have begun and finished our subject study after the basic modules of maths, english, science etc. It is also up to us to fill out what is known as a PDP in order to record our professional development for each of the teachers standards with observations from lessons, taught lessons, and anything else which we deem to be important, this is to ensure that we have the relevant professional development evidence to be awarded our QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

My placement beings in just under a weeks time to become familiar with the staff, school procedures and policies and the children in our class. This takes place for two weeks before the half-term, after which we return to the school for our 5 week block-placement to teach a minimum of one lesson a day increasing it to two further into the placement. I have attached my timetable for the first month to this post to give you some idea of what I have studied and the time constraints, but please be aware that this is only of course for Birmingham City University for this year. I have also only provided one month of my timetable as it would take forever to put up my entire timetable for the year, and it changes as my modules are completed and new ones are introduced. Where the timetable states ‘The Arts’ I had a mixture of evenly spread Art, Drama and Music lessons which alternated each week.

If you have any questions or input please feel free to comment or to message me directly. If you could like and subscribe that would also be greatly appreciated! 


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