Placement: Day 1


I feel really lucky to have such a lovely class to be placed with and such wonderful supportive teachers and senior management. As I’m sure you can gather my first day went excellently, and I could not have asked for better. It is beyond intriguing to see what the children of today are expected to, and do know, and it excels almost everything I was taught at school over ten years ago. The children keep up tremendously and in particular their desire and enjoyment of reading is thoroughly uplifting, and it really does translate into their writing.

Today had a primarily literacy focus in order to finish a piece of extensive writing to be completed for the term to meet the school requirements. It was so lovely to see the children not only completing their work, but also editing it, and following on and responding to the comments that had previously been written by their class teacher.

One tough area was the seating arrangements in that some of the children, one pair of children in particular could be very distracting with one another in terms of diverting from the task, however in the same token they were very intelligent and complemented each other well in terms of producing high quality work. To split them up would solve the issue of distraction, however the benefits of the support they give each other far outweigh the issue of them being seated together.

I look forward to trying to get involved with after school clubs and the beginning of a parent’s evening in the near future should the circumstances allow, in an attempt to try to get as much experience of all aspects of the primary education as possible.

I intend to update this blog every few days, however should it be the case that there are not enough points for discussion, I will simply write a post at the end of the week.

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