End of Term!


We’ve reached the Easter Holidays and I have officially finished my pre-placement. After we return for the start of the new term we begin our block placement and teaching one lesson a day.

First and foremost I’d just like to make a point of how lucky I am to have been placed with somebody so similar to myself and that’s so easy to work with and as enthusiastic as I am. This will only make it all the more easy when it comes to having to teach and having her as my TA and vice versa when she teaches.

I’m also glad that we don’t have a perfect class, but we also don’t have a class that is off the chart with bad behaviour. It gives the right balance to be able to thoroughly enjoy the class and every single one of their personalities, whilst at the same time having the opportunity to practise behaviour management. My only slight issue with that is due to the intelligence of some of the children in that it is very hard not to make a comment relating to behaviour, and be met with smart answers which draws me in to having a conversation and argument almost with them. I need to take time to stand back, remember my role, and not put myself in that position-I’m just grateful that I’m seeing and learning this now in my first placement to make changes.

We will soon be receiving the Class Teacher’s medium-term plan for this first upcoming summer term after which we can adapt those plans to implement different techniques and styles of our own for us to use to teach. I begin by taking all of the Literacy sessions, whilst my partner takes the Numeracy lessons (both in the morning), and in the second week we switch. It will be quite nice to have all of those lessons each day for the whole week for us to be able to see the progression and the start and end of a topic that we have taught and developed with them (also giving the perfect circumstances for us to assess their learning, as well as our performance).

We have had targets set already based on the teaching standards, and have been filling in a School Based Training Booklet filling out practical information with regards to the school (health and safety, safeguarding policies etc.), observations of lessons and weekly review sheets that need to be filled in when we begin our block placement. It’s all fairly straight forward and once you know what you’re doing and are familiar with the booklet it doesn’t take a lot of time to fill in. We’re also gathering as many worksheets, resources, lesson plans, and pictures of wall displays as we can to put into our PDP folder (Personal Development Profile) that contributes to our final QTS at the end of the three years. We’ve been lucky enough to have had an incredibly helpful Class Teacher who has helped us with everything we need, as well as arranging a variety of teachers and year groups for us to observe. So far, we have observed a Nursery class (although there wasn’t much observing being done, it was more a practical morning to say the least),  a Year 2, 3, 5, and a Year 6 class, all of which were incredibly beneficial in terms of how to teach children of different ages and abilities, as well as behaviour management.

Overall, I have had an incredible two weeks, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I am thoroughly embracing the two weeks off already, but I can’t help but find myself missing the class and wondering what they’re doing. It is rather strange to go from being around 30 children 5 days a week to all of a sudden not have any idea what they’re doing or how they’re getting on for two weeks. And I have no idea what I’m going to do when we finish our placement. It wouldn’t be possible to keep in touch in any way nor would it entirely be appropriate, but it is an incredibly hard pill to swallow thinking of a time when I will have spent so much time with those children and watched them develop and progress, and to never know how they get on or what they grow up to do or be like. I guess that’s something I’ll have to adjust to, and hope that during my teaching career at least a few reach out again to give me some solace.

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