Long Time, No See!

Hello everyone! I am very aware that it has been a while since I last posted and I do apologise. I had a lot going on with my personal life and to be honest with you all, I just about managed to keep on top of my job and university. Now I am getting back... Continue Reading →


Welcome Letter Resource!

Have you ever wanted an inexpensive personalised way to welcome your new pupils into your class? Then look no further than a newsletter-style letter home on the first day. I first came across this concept on Pinterest, however I realised that there was no response aspect. With such a specific personal way to communicate with... Continue Reading →

Teacher Gifts

This post is the second part of 2 posts. The first you can find here, gifts for teacher's to give to children. This post is going to involve discussing good, affordable gift ideas for teachers. Again, I have split this post so that not only can I tailor what I'm discussing to what you're actually... Continue Reading →

Student Gifts

I really am kicking myself for not keeping up with this blog just recently. With it being the school holidays and not being back at University, I have simply created a list of discussions I want to have, and that list has been neglected unfortunately. So here I am in an attempt to rekindle my... Continue Reading →

My Last Placement Day

It was just as traumatic as you can imagine it being. We were at the school with our class for 2 months, getting to know the children in-depth and building great relationships with them. There was tears, lots of hugs, and lots of gifts (most of which were given to the children from us!). The... Continue Reading →


I am lucky enough to be able to share with you my experiences of observations, one of which is positive, another not so much. I think it's beneficial for me to able to look back on both of them and for me to build on myself and how I respond to feedback constructively. It also... Continue Reading →

New TES Bundle!

I still have one more post left to write about my school based experience. I've been super busy juggling a few things including a job-which I am very grateful for considering Student Finance doesn't drop until late September. And so I've focused my effort these past couple of days on creating a bundle resource on... Continue Reading →

A Heartbreaking Contradiction

It's unfortunate that I'm having to write this but it's something I feel I need to say, and something I feel strongly about. As a teacher there is nothing more heartbreaking than trying to teach children British values, acceptance, equality, and respect for people of all cultures and beliefs, whilst at the same time having... Continue Reading →

My First Placement

  I am fast approaching the end of my first placement, and I couldn't be more devastated. I have adored every minute and I could not have asked for a better class, class teacher, or partner to be on my placement with. The school itself is a Church of England school and it is heartwarming... Continue Reading →

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