Placement: Day 1

I feel really lucky to have such a lovely class to be placed with and such wonderful supportive teachers and senior management. As I'm sure you can gather my first day went excellently, and I could not have asked for better. It is beyond intriguing to see what the children of today are expected to,... Continue Reading →



My FREE RESOURCE is now available to download! Please feel free to follow me on the TES website, or my board on Pinterest. I would also really appreciate reviews!  

TES Resources!

I have now started selling my resources on the TES website that I have produced whilst on my course. All of which fall in line with the National Curriculum. At the moment my only resources up for sale are paid, however I do intend to release a free resource very soon.  In order to try to... Continue Reading →


This year I will in total have nine assignments on the following areas: English Maths Science Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding Child Development, Health and Wellbeing The Arts Working in Partnership with Families and Communities Principles of Learning and Teaching (Part A before placement and Part B after) They have varied in difficulty however one... Continue Reading →

Updates on their Way!

I know I have been incredibly behind on my updates for this blog and I can only apologise. But if nothing else it should give you a perfect look into how busy a Primary Education course is. It has been an incredibly busy 6 months and I have loved every minute of it. My timetable... Continue Reading →

A Not So Seamless Enrolment

I suppose it was naive of me to think that I could go through the process of enrolment without at least one hiccup. The University started the enrolment day by inviting us to a lecture to give us some basic information and to inform us of the name of our personal tutors. They also presented a variety... Continue Reading →

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